Commercial pressure washing is the best way of keeping your property looking great, year after year. Customers, employees, and visitors alike would always want to work with a company that takes care of its property—and by extension, its products and other merchandise.

A dirty and grimy commercial property would create a negative first impression, and you might end up losing customers. At the same time, it would also adversely affect the morale of your employees.

After all, few people would want to visit or work in an environment where the walls are covered in graffiti while the dirt-stained windows don’t allow sunlight.

The problem is further compounded in the winter as most traditional washing and maintenance activities come to a halt because of the cold. As with private properties, the wear and tear of the structure is exacerbated by snow, ice, and other cold weather conditions.

Post-Winter Pressure Wash: Why You Should Get It Done

A long and hard winter can do a real number on your property. Snow and ice can expand and contract with the rise and fall in temperature. This can create minute fissures that fill up with dirt and grit, giving an ugly look to the whole structure.

Dumpster areas left unclean for a long time can start smelling as temperatures rise, while gutters can become clogged with dry leaves, twigs, and other debris. All of these issues will become noticeable as spring brings a resurgence of clients and customers knocking at your door.

Moreover, the resident graffiti artists might have had a field day during winter. You must remove all such graffiti as soon as possible since it’s often a sure sign of gang activity. Few people would want to work and conduct business in a known gang hotspot.

Graffiti elimination is a top priority for any commercial pressure-washing outfit. The top professionals will remove the graffiti without harming the finish of your walls, doors, and windows. They will also use a sacrificial layer to ensure that the problem doesn’t recur again.

Post-winter pressure washing is not a DIY job at all. Only the real professional cleaning specialists have all the equipment and the resources to get the job done right—the very first time.

You can always count on Sparkle Wash’s highly trained and experienced technicians for all your commercial pressure washing needs. Just give us a call, and we will be there!