Your home requires maintenance just like any other high-value asset you own. Not taking adequate care of your precious property will erode its curb appeal and lower its real value. 

Apart from that, a dirty and grimy house gives a tacky look to the entire neighborhood. You may also face various problems such as clogged gutters, algae infestation, and the like. All of these factors will decrease the service life of your property. 

However, it does not have to be this way at all. Not when you can get your precious home washed and cleaned so that it always looks as good as new. 

Here, you should remember that power washing is a highly specialized job that requires a lot of experience, equipment, and training. Simply running a garden hose on your roof won’t get the job done, nor would it be a good idea to hire a pressure washing machine and do it yourself. 

Only the Real Professionals Can Clean Your Home Properly!

If you are interested in restoring your property to its original pristine glory, you should only ask the experts to do the job for you. Driveways and garage floors, for instance, require hot water power washing to melt the unseemly oil and grease stains. Moreover, concrete is a porous surface, therefore you will need to use very high-powered jets of pressurized water to deep clean the surface thoroughly. 

Apart from the specialized tools required, you will also need safety equipment because pressurized hot water can cause serious injuries. Not knowing the correct temperature and pressure settings will just lead to the wastage of water and other resources since the work won’t be done properly. 

You should also keep in mind that using too much pressure can also cause more harm than good. Many people try to clean the shingles on their roofs by blasting the whole place with pressure washers at very high settings. This will strip away the protective outer layers of the shingles and lead to water logging issues. 

Eventually, organic parasites, such as algae and mold, will claim your roof very quickly and will be extremely difficult to remove. 

We at Sparkle Wash are the real power washing experts, and we know just which detergents, herbicides, and pressure settings to use to leave your home sparkling clean. Rest assured that you can always depend on our highly skilled technicians for all of your residential pressure washing needs