Industrial pressure washing is by no means a DIY job at all. In fact, trying to do it yourself might not only be counterproductive, but it can also turn out to be downright dangerous!

For example, grease and oil spills on your plant floor can be particularly hard to remove. It will require a combination of powerful detergents and hot water applied at very high settings to be effective. Unless you have the requisite experience and training, it is a good idea to leave this job to skilled professionals. Technicians are very good at their job and can safely get rid of all those troublesome grease stains very quickly indeed.

Why You Need Professional Pressure Washing Experts

Simply purchasing a pressure washer to take care of your industrial plant is not enough. You will need hands-on training and a lot of experience before you attempt this task. Power washing uses hot water that is often heated to scalding temperatures. If you are not careful or don’t have the right safety equipment, you might end up getting injured. Throw in the dangerously high water pressure itself and you can see why it’s not a ‘do-it-yourself’ task.

Moreover, industrial machines often have very delicate components. Using high-powered jets of hot water can easily harm them and render them inoperable. If that happens, your plant might suffer production delays.

Apart from that, there are also layers of soot and grime that cover the walls and the roof. You will need special ladders and other equipment to clamber up and clean your whole plant.

Such pollution is very hard to remove, especially if it has been allowed to seep into the pores of the walls and the roof. However, using the right combination of detergents and pressure washer settings will leave your walls and the roof of your plant every bit as clean as the floor.

We at Sparkle Wash have the expertise and the experience to eliminate all kinds of oil, soot, grime, and grease stains from your plant. We bring our own cutting-edge heavy-duty pressure washing apparatus to take care of all of your industrial pressure washing needs.

We also have the equipment required to thoroughly clean even large industrial oil spills. You can rest assured that we will also take care of all hard-to-reach areas and deep clean every square inch of your plant to your complete satisfaction.