Having a clean truck says everything about the driver, the customer and the company. 

Finding and hiring professional drivers is a top priority for any trucking company or fleet operator.  There are few organizations that are not looking for a good driver with a proven safety record that is willing to care for the equipment and promote the company.  A great way to recruit professionals is to maintain a good fleet of vehicles and keeping them clean is a big factor.

Allowing the driver to clean the truck while out on the road is important and so is having a clean truck when they arrive for the next week’s work.  Think how important it is to have a truck free of grease, mud, oil, bugs and road film, no window or mirror washing and no putting on gloves to open the hood before you get started.

Trucking is a very competitive business and a fleet needs every advantage possible.  Let’s consider that the ABC company has sold a truckload of avocados to a street festival (a really big one) across the country.  Which would they rather have sitting at the festival, greasy fly by night trucking or Mr. Clean transportation with a shine and a smile.  Maybe a bit extreme for you but you get the picture. It is easier to sell service when the service is clean.  Cleanliness means dependability.  Every shipper and every customer wants to see a good looking, clean rig show up to haul their product.

Ever been to a NASCAR event?  Wow!  Did you see those rolling billboards?  Each team has a tricked out, lettered up, spotless vehicle.  Why?  Well, it is because cleanliness promotes the advertising plastered all over the trucks and race cars.  Do you think that any of the drivers or road crews would accept second best from the vehicle cleaner?  When I was in the business, I had a race customer that would only allow us to clean the vehicle with clear water and baby diapers.  Over the top?  Not for them.  Image was everything to them and the driver was totally in charge.

Which brings me back to the driver’s benefit to operating something clean.  Driving something clean says something about the operator.  It says they care, it says the company cares, and it says the customer cares.  It says, “We are a professional company that cares about our people, customers, and even the autos that pass each day.  Taking pride in an otherwise thankless business makes for a higher level of job and life satisfaction.

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