Just about all residential buildings require pressure washing services, at least a few times during their service life. As with all things, even very sturdy constructions deteriorate with time and lose their structural integrity slowly and gradually.

However, this process can be delayed to a great extent with the help of regular pressure washing on the external surface of your home. This includes not just the walls and the roof, but also the concrete pathways, the garage, fences, deck, and the gate.

All of the above require multiple pressure washing solutions as per their specific requirements. Here, you would be well served to create a residential pressure washing plan in place to protect your home and enhance its curb value.

Check the Condition of the External Surfaces

Before developing an annual pressure washing plan, you should understand just what such a task will entail. Your roof, for example, might have a nasty algae infestation, while the walls could be fine. Conversely, your garage might be covered in grit and oil, even as the concrete driveway would require thorough cleaning, not to mention the condition of your deck.

All of these external surfaces require expert knowledge to restore their natural beauty and increase their lifespan, as well as maintain the cleanliness year after year.

However, they also need different types of treatment and machinery.  Soft washing of the roof, for example, might be just what the doctor ordered. Too high a pressure will damage the shingles and destroy their protective coating. On the other hand, the garage floor and walls will require hot power washing to eliminate the oil and dirt. Much the same goes for the driveway, the gate, and the deck.

Comprehensive Planning is Required

Together with a professional pressure washing outfit, you can make a comprehensive cleaning plan required for your home’s surfaces. You can only do that once you ask the professionals to gauge the condition of the external areas of your home. These experts will tell you just which section needs to be washed with specific detergents and cleaners, and how often. Furthermore, they will also advise you about the pressure requirements needed to clean these surfaces and lock in their shine.

You can make a list of areas that need frequent cleaning based on the recommendations of these experienced professionals.

Here, Sparkle Wash would be able to assist you since we can evaluate your home and devise a personalized cleaning plan recommendation based on your exact needs. Just give us a call to receive our residential pressure washing services as soon as possible.