Industrial pressure washing requires far more expertise and knowledge than regular pressure washing. This has a lot to do with the nature and scope of the work. After all, an industrial plant has plenty of machines and other delicate components that might be damaged by excessive pressure. Apart from that, there is an abundance of dirt, grime, soot, and atmospheric pollution of the kind not found in a residential structure.

All of these issues make industrial pressure washing an exceedingly challenging task. One that can only be handled by highly trained and skilled industrial plant pressure washing technicians.

Sparkle Wash: The One Stop Solution for All Your Industrial Pressure Washing Needs!

An industrial plant can throw up some pretty formidable stains – not to mention difficult-to-reach places. However, Sparkle Wash has the equipment and the trained personnel to guarantee great results, regardless of the inaccessibility of an area.  Our custom equipment can methodically clean all kinds of surfaces and rid them of all the pollution associated with industrial processes.

From special high-reaching ladders to powerful pressure washers, we have it all. Moreover, our technicians follow safety protocols very rigidly to ensure a perfect job the very first time over.

We use power washing equipment to dissolve and remove grease stains on the ground and even on the walls close to your machines. We understand the importance of employee morale and effectively eliminate all sorts of graffiti from the walls of the plant. Moreover, we also use sealers to resist future stains and marks in the future.

Our rigorous cleaning methods have been designed to clean the air of atmospheric pollution and lower the risk of airborne diseases. We go out of our way to seek out and clean even the most out-of-the-way surfaces so that everything at your plant is always as good as new.

We understand the importance of keeping assembly and product lines up and running, therefore we aim to disrupt regular working activities to the bare minimum.  In fact, we will be in and out of your facility even before you know we are there!

Sparkle Wash offers the very best industrial pressure washing solutions for all of your industrial cleaning needs. Just give us a call, and we will be more than happy to discuss your project.