Industrial pressure washing is different from regular house washing due to the diverse nature of the pollutants found in an industrial building. Some of the more common airborne contamination include the following:

1.    Pollution Caused by Gasoline, Coal, and Other Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are directly responsible for most of the pollution present in the atmosphere. They add carbon dioxide (CO2), Sulfur dioxide, ash, coal particles, other airborne pollutants, and various other toxic gases to our environment.

2.    Industrial Emissions

Industrial plants emit massive amounts of both inorganic and organic compounds that are released into the atmosphere. These include carbon monoxide, smoke, etc.

3.    Agricultural Sources

Many agriculture activities such as dairy farming and crop farming tend to release harmful chemicals such as pesticides, methane, and fertilizers amongst others of a similar nature.

4.    Natural Causes

These can include dirt and algae carried by the wind and dust particles that can affect areas thousands of miles away. Pollen and animal particulates are also common natural pollutants.

Industrial Pressure Washing: The Best Solution for Your Plant Cleaning Needs!

All of these and many other pollutants can seriously affect the form and functionality of an industrial building unless they are cleaned on a regular basis. Industrial pressure washing always requires a combination of the right equipment, expertise, detergents, and training. It is not easy to successfully clean all the layers of tough grease, grime, grit, and dirt that are usually found both in and on industrial buildings.

However, Sparkle Wash has decades of experience in deep cleaning industrial plants and other buildings. We use their own patented and very high-quality, state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment. Our skilled professionals have the training and expertise to clean even the most delicate and hard-to-reach surfaces.

We will mop up industrial oil spills with a combination of environmentally friendly yet powerful detergents and hot water washing techniques. Our Sparkle Wash technicians know just which chemicals and equipment to use for every surface so that the original finish is laid bare while all the dirt and gunk is removed. We will always apply very precise pressure and detergents tailor-made for specific areas. This way, your machinery, and other delicate plant equipment will be cleaned, but never damaged.

If you are interested in an industrial pressure washing solution for your plant, you can count on Sparkle Wash to get the job done perfectly and in no time at all!