A well-maintained fleet is integral to any commercial operation. If your vehicles are breaking down and spending more time in the garage than out there on the roads, you will have to rethink your whole strategy. Companies need to keep a close watch on the condition of their vehicles so they will be aware of their maintenance needs.

It is not always possible to know the exact requirements of your fleet. However, there are certain subtle changes in the overall look and feel of individual vehicles that will help you figure out if they need to be washed and serviced. Here are a few signs that will determine if it’s high time you seek the help of a professional auto-servicing outfit:

1.   The External Appearance of Your Vehicles

If the vehicles are dirty and covered in mud and road dust, it is fairly obvious that your whole fleet requires urgent maintenance. Your fleet is your brand ambassador, and an ill-maintained fleet is a telltale sign that you are not taking good care of your vehicles. This will lead to a trust deficit since your customers would believe that you treat your products and services the same way.

Apart from that, a dirty fleet is a dangerous fleet. If mud and dirt get inside the brake disks and other vital components in the undercarriage, the vehicle might be involved in a major accident. You should get your fleet properly cleaned regularly to ensure it behaves and looks as if it has just been delivered to the showroom.

2.   The Engine Bay

A filthy engine bay full of grease and grime can hide many problems. Your drivers and mechanics won’t be able to know if anything is wrong since the issue might be hidden under layers of grime. Conversely, a neat and clean engine bay can be easily inspected, and it will instantly show if anything is wrong. This way, your technicians would be able to repair and/or replace whatever needs to be repaired. Once the issue is seen and quickly resolved, you won’t have to face the bother of having your vehicles dead on the highway, in the middle of the night.

3.   Condition of the Cabin

A windshield covered in crushed bugs and flyspecks is a driving hazard, while a cabin full of mud and grime is a health hazard. Few people would be interested in driving such vehicles, leading to a high employee turnover rate. However, a clean windshield, slide mirrors, and cabin can go a long way in boosting employee morale. Your drivers would much rather drive your vehicles – instead of spending hours trying to clean them.

  1. Chrome Hubs and Other Fixtures

Regular exposure to the elements can dull your shining paint and gleaming chrome fixtures. Timely pressure washing and polishing can remedy the issue before it is too late, and you require a complete paint job.

Sparkle Wash offers environmentally-friendly fleet pressure washing services for your entire fleet. You may count on us to restore your fleet until it looks as good as new.

We use cutting-edge equipment and highly trained personnel to thoroughly clean your fleet in as short a time as possible to ensure minimum disruption to your services. Just get in touch with us and we will take care of all of your fleet washing needs.