Your fleet is one of your single biggest public relations and advertising platforms. People are always attracted to neat, clean, and shiny vehicles. If your fleet always looks as good as new, you can rest assured that your target audience will form a positive impression of your brand. 

On the other hand, should your company’s slogan and logo end up being barely visible under layers of matted dirt and grime, your image will take a hit—along with your sales. Your customers will make a purchase decision based on their perception of your brand and your products. Dirty and grimy trucks and other fleet vehicles would negatively influence this decision-making process, and they might opt for competing brands. 

The more you take care of your vehicles, the greater your brand recognition and loyalty. That’s because it would be a telltale sign of your commitment to your brand and, by extension, your products and services. 

A Presentable Fleet Is a Safer Fleet!

Pressure washing can help ensure your fleet is always in showroom condition. However, aesthetics are only part of the benefits of fleet pressure washing. A clean engine bay devoid of grease and dirt would be easy to inspect. Your workshop technicians would be able to check at a glance if there is anything wrong or if anything needs to be repaired. This way, your fleet will spend more time on the road than idling in the workshop. 

Dirty mirrors and flyspecked and grimy windshields can become potent hazards, especially when driving at night. However, regularly maintained fleets won’t have this issue. Apart from that, your drivers would always appreciate working for a company that takes excellent care of its equipment. 

No one likes to start their day cleaning their vehicles and removing the dirt and road grime from the cabin and other areas. Highly experienced drivers and other professionals with impeccable track records prefer to work with companies that take care of their heavy equipment, so you won’t have to contend with high turnover rates.  

We at Sparkle Wash have plenty of experience cleaning trucks, heavy equipment, oil spills, and boats. We can also deep clean chrome, steel, fiberglass, plastics, and aluminum.  

You can count on Sparkle Wash for all your fleet pressure washing needs. From fuel islands to trucks, forklifts, and rail cars—we wash it all!