Over time, the external surface of your property will become dirty and grimy. After all, they are always exposed to the elements, day and night. 

From bird droppings to grit and grime, your siding and roof endure it all. Eventually, they will start showing their age. If you want to maintain and increase their service life and also enhance the curb value of your property, you will have two options: 

Either opt for a pressure-washing job or alternatively get your place repainted. 

Pressure Washing: The Ideal Solution!

Pressure washing will remove many years’ worth of accumulated grit and grime. At the same time, professional pressure-washing experts will use potent herbicides to remove all kinds of organic pollutants such as algae, mold, mildew, and lichen. 

Getting your house painted would be a temporary solution since these organic pollutants remain on the surface. Eventually, they will break through the layers of fresh paint and wreak havoc on your property. Here too, you will have to call the pressure-washing experts to take care of this issue. If you let the organic contamination remain, it will quickly spread and damage your roof. 

Algae and mildew, in particular, trap moisture inside the shingles. This leads to waterlogging and worse infestations from other organic contaminants. If left unchecked, not only would they ruin your new paint job but also damage the overall structure. You will have to repair and, in some cases, even replace your roof and siding altogether. 

However, all such costs can be easily avoided if you simply refresh your property every few months. Your pressure-washing technicians will thoroughly wash your external surfaces until they look sparkling clean. Apart from restoring your property to its original pristine grandeur, they will also use high-quality sealing agents to lock in the shine on your deck, porch, and shingles. 

They will use potent herbicides that are mild on the environment yet powerful enough to make short work of the organic pollutants defacing your home. Once they remove all the dirt and grime, you won’t need to get your house repainted. 

Sparkle Wash has almost six decades of experience in pressure washing properties nationwide. You can count on our highly trained and experienced experts for a cost-effective solution to all your building pressure washing needs.