Sparkle Wash Fox Valley Franchise Strengthens Amidst Pandemic

Once again, the Sparkle Wash Fox Valley franchise grew their business by over 10%.  They were able to accomplish this by being very diverse in their markets, concentrating on segments that were not impacted by COVID.  Transportation (fleet/truck washing), residential and large corporation food accounts were much higher in sales, covering the loss in sales with smaller commercial.  Having the ability to restore and stain Brazilian walnut gave Fox Valley some big projects this year, which rolled over to other pressure washing jobs.  Networking was also pretty powerful, even though face to face connections were prohibited due to COVID.  The combination of television, SEO, yard signs, and social media assisted well with getting leads.  Fox Valley also hired a new head of sales which added tremendous value even though it was a large investment.  There are still improvements to be made to develop this position, but they are making progress.  Shawn and Artie also had a great year retaining employees.  With COVID closing restaurants they were able to fill and retain positions very efficiently this year.  As their business continues to grow more profitable, Shawn continues to do a fantastic job offering great benefits to their employees making employee retention easier.

The Sparkle Wash brand has been around since 1965. The Sparkle Wash Fox Valley has been in operation for 46 years, setting and surpassing client expectations throughout the life of the business.  Rooted in tradition, they bring professional, quality work to every project. They want to spread their professional, quality work throughout Wisconsin. Sparkle Wash Fox Valley is also a family-owned business. Visit the Fox Valley franchise website today.