Why is now the right time to soft wash your roof? Mold and algae might not thrive in direct sunlight, but it thrives in the humidity of summer. For anyone who has trees shading parts or all the roof on their home, mold and algae are safe from the sun and on the move.  There is one thing that kills mold and algae on the spot, Sparkle Wash Soft Wash Solution. Here are three reasons why you should contact your local Sparkle Wash franchise to schedule a roof soft wash to remove mold and algae.

  1. Keeping Energy Bills Affordable

Mold and algae living on your roof attract other organisms. All these organisms together can deteriorate your roof, decreasing the insulation your roofing offers. When your roof has deteriorated, you are likely to run your heat and AC more often.  Running your heat and AC more often will lead to higher energy bills.

  1. Preventing Water Damage

When mold and algae deteriorate the quality of your roof, water can get in under the shingles and cause more damage. This moisture will not only impact your home’s structural integrity but could also cause additional mold growth inside the home.

  1. Extend the Life of Your Roof

Along with the two previous reasons to soft wash, the most important reason is to extend the life of your roof. Replacing a roof can get expensive. Save yourself some time and money and invest in the yearly soft wash to lengthen the life of your roof. Sparkle Wash is an honest company that uses only environmentally friendly solutions. We also take care to make sure any foliage or outdoor furniture is not damaged. Spend an afternoon with our expert technicians. They simply apply the Sparkle Wash Soft Wash Solution, and they are done. You might wonder why we do not rinse the roof following application but honestly, there is no need. The first brisk wind that blows by or rainstorm that rolls through will get rid of the dead mold and algae from your roof.

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