Winterization is a critical part of any house maintenance process. You have to deep clean and seal your house to protect it not just from the lower temperatures, but also the spring thaw.

Many people tend to think of pressure washing as an activity suitable only for the summer. However, this can prove to be a costly mistake.

Mildew (for instance) thrives in cold and damp weather.  Once the snow turns to slush, and the air is heavy with the moisture that heralds spring – mildew and other harmful organic growths will start spreading rapidly all over your property.

Algae spores are extremely resilient to even very cold weather. Once temperatures start climbing, these spores will commence laying roots and rapidly spread everywhere. However, you can easily avoid this by hiring a professional pressure washing outfit to clean your roof and exterior walls. This will help get rid of any leftover spores. At the same time, it will also eliminate all the dust and grime that carries these spores.

The Importance of Cleaning and Sealing in Winter

Once your home has been adequately winterized, you will be able to protect it not just from organic growths but the elements as well. For example, the dampness that comes with spring can seep into the shingles and harm them while creating fertile ground for all kinds of different growths. At the same time, UV radiation and windy weather can also take a toll on the external finishing of your precious property. Though it doesn’t feel like it, the sun still emits UV rays during winter!

However, effective sealers can lock in the originality of your paintwork and other finishes. If properly applied, such sealants can easily protect your property from natural and organic elements and help maintain its curb value.

Sparkle Wash’s highly skilled and trained professional technicians have a lot of experience in house pressure washing in winter. We can help extend the surface life of your external finishes. Furthermore, winter cleaning will also increase the time gap between future cleaning operations.

Sparkle Wash sealing agents, cleaning gear and chemicals have been optimized for winter use, so you can have complete peace of mind regarding the external beauty and longevity of your property.