Do you remember when you last had your fleet thoroughly checked and cleaned? Have you noticed how your entire fleet looks these days? Are your vehicles neat and clean with gleaming paint and well-polished chrome or are they dusty and dirty and covered in grime? If they have not been professionally cleaned recently, it might be time to schedule a wash.

In fact, you should have your fleet pressure washed routinely not just because your vehicles “look dirty” but also because a dirty fleet can cause a whole lot of harm. Let us check out the top five dangers of a dirty fleet:

1.    Dirty Windshields Can Lead to Accidents

A dirty windshield greatly hinders visibility. This danger is compounded at night since the glare from oncoming headlights is diffused by the dust on the windshield. Once that happens, your drivers won’t be able to determine the speed and size of approaching vehicles. This can lead to high speed collisions.

2.    Dirty Fleets Are High on Maintenance

Dirt, salt, and grime can get deep inside the engine bay and destroy vital lubricants. If not checked in time, it can severely decrease the longevity of your fleet.  Furthermore, salt deposits act like acid on the undercarriage and other areas. Such salt build-ups lead to corrosion and destroy the very foundations of the vehicle over time.

3.    It Dulls the Paint

Your vehicle’s paint job isn’t just there to make it look attractive. It serves the vital function of protecting the metal under the paint. Grit and grime can wear off the paint until it flakes away. This will eventually expose the metal underneath to the harsh external environment and decrease its service life.

4.    It Leads to Blind Spots

All vehicles are equipped with multiple mirrors that allow the drivers to keep abreast of the conditions on the road. If they are too dirty and covered in crushed bugs and road slime, the driver will have to face blind spots which will severely compromise the overall safety of the vehicle and its driver.

5.    Filthy Headlights Don’t Work Properly

If the lights don’t work at night, the drivers will in effect, end up driving blind. This means they won’t be able to avoid any potholes or other dangers on the road.

However, pressure washing your vehicles on a regular basis can effectively eliminate all of the above problems. Sparkle Wash has the expertise and experience to clean your fleet very thoroughly. Our highly trained and skilled technicians use specialized equipment to clean your fleet so that it reflects the pride you have in your brand. Rest assured that you can always count on Sparkle Wash for all of your fleet pressure washing needs.