Your home or any other property is a very precious investment. Just like all other investments it also requires maintenance and cleaning at periodic intervals. In fact, your property itself will tell you when it is time to pressure wash and clean it. You just have to listen to it. Let us take a quick look at some of the obvious signs that your property needs to be washed and restored:

Algae and Mold Infestations

If your property is covered with black algae stains and mold, it’s an obvious sign that you have to move as quickly as possible to schedule a cleaning.  Apart from the fact that these organic contaminants can seriously mar the beauty of your home, they carry multiple health risks. Algae spores can cause severe allergic reactions amongst many people, especially those with asthma. Moreover, they can lead to waterlogging issues that will decrease the lifespan of your property. When you see mold, mildew, algae, or any other organic pollution defacing your home – it’s time to call the pressure washing experts.

Your Driveway Looks Rundown

Concrete driveways and garage floors can stand a lot of wear and tear – till it starts to show. This has a lot to do with the fact that concrete is a porous substance and absorbs a lot of dirt very quickly. Apart from that, these places are also prone to oil and grease spills. Once the buildup starts, it will only get from bad to worse. However, cleaning driveways is not an easy job. It requires power washing with very hot water and powerful scouring agents. This is not a job you would want to tackle without proper safety gear and training.

Does Your Property Require a Fresh Coat of Paint?

If the roof and walls are discolored and dirty, it’s time to get your property repainted. A fresh coat of paint won’t get the job done if the surface beneath is grimy and uneven. Even very high-quality paints can’t adhere to a dirty surface. Getting your property thoroughly pressure washed will pave the way for an excellent paint job.

If you are interested in building pressure washing, you should consider getting in touch with Sparkle Wash. Our highly trained technicians have the skills and the experience to clean your home and restore it to all its former glory. We are just a call away!