Professional house pressure washing is one of the very best ways of cleaning your exterior surfaces. However, cleaning is only part of the solution. You will definitely want to prolong that clean, freshly washed look and increase the service life of all these surfaces. This is the part where professional surface sealing and protection products come into the picture.

Increase the Longevity of Your External Surfaces

Professionally applied sealing products will effectively ensure that your external surfaces not only ‘look’ clean but also ‘stay’ clean for a very long time. Moreover, they will help extend the service life of your property, such as your deck or your concrete driveway. A high-quality sealant will lock in the surface shine by creating an impenetrable and completely invisible barrier between the surface and the elements. Such surface sealants prevent the intrusion of airborne pollutants, water, and other harmful elements that might damage the finish of the external surface.

Exterior Surfaces Last Longer After Being Sealed

Most durable surfaces such as concrete, stucco, wood, brick, and even stone can last a lot longer than unsealed surfaces. That is, only if skilled experts have applied high-quality sealing products. Sealing will help inhibit various adverse conditions such as scaling, cracking, and discoloration. You will be able to see the difference immediately when you compare a sealed surface side by side to an unsealed one. Sealing will not only give the porous surface a well-finished look and feel, it will also enhance the natural beauty of stone, stucco, and wood.

Good quality sealing agents also make it very easy to deep clean. They render the surface impervious to dirt, pollen, grime, and other contaminants. They can be washed very easily, so you will be able to maintain their original splendor with less effort.

Sealed Stones Don’t Gather Any Moss

Mildew, mold, lichen, and algae can all too easily mar the magnificence and the vitality of just about any exterior surface. Moisture-laden air can seep into the cracks and lead to an outbreak of fungal growth. Here, surface sealing protects from all such intrusions so that structural integrity remains intact.

Sparkle Wash has some of the most highly skilled professionals around. Especially when it comes to house pressure washing, as well as sealing and protection of external surfaces. Get in touch with us for all your exterior cleaning and sealing needs to protect your property and increase its curb value.