All fleet vehicles spend most of their service life on the roads making deliveries. These heavily laden trucks and other vehicles are constantly exposed to the harmful external environment. From crushed bugs to mud, dirt, and grime – everything takes its toll on your fleet.

Moreover, excess mud and dirt can compromise the metal on the disk of the brakes and may lead to an accident. Apart from that, there is the very real issue of rusting that can start from the undercarriage and slowly reach the cabin and doors. All of these issues decrease the service life of your vehicle quite drastically.

Add to that the fact that dirt and grease can hide a lot of problems in the electrical system, hydraulics, and other parts and components in the engine bay. When covered in grime, it’s very difficult for your garage technicians to figure out if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. This means that there is a very real chance of a fleet vehicle being stuck on the road. Not only will it depreciate in value, but it will also be quite expensive to tow it back. In time, there would be plenty of such vehicles sitting idle in your garage, instead of being on the road.

Regular Fleet Washing: The Ideal Way of Maintaining Your Fleet

The more miles your fleet clocks, the less time left on its overall service life. This holds particularly true if you don’t service your entire fleet at regular intervals.  All vehicle parts are subjected to wear and tear over time. However, this process can be eased through timely fleet washing.

It will eliminate road grime, grit, tiny stones, and other problems that crop up amongst all regularly used vehicles. If not cleaned periodically, these issues might damage both the electronic as well as the mechanical components of your fleet’s vehicles.

Regular fleet washing will easily eliminate all such dirt and grease built-ups, leaving your vehicles in brand new condition.  This way, your technicians and drivers will be able to check if anything is wrong as soon as they pop the hood, thereby saving you any downtime.

Sparkle Wash employs expert technicians who have plenty of experience in washing and cleaning even very large fleets. We use state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly processes to thoroughly deep clean your vehicles and make sure they remain roadworthy for a long time. You can always count on us for all of your fleet pressure washing requirements.