Pressure washing as the very term implies, utilizes a high-powered stream of water for cleaning purposes. It strips away all the dust and dirt from an external surface. It is the ideal way of eliminating the layers of grime from the external areas of your home.

It Is the Best Way of Cleaning Your Home

If the facade or siding of your home starts to look faded and mottled, it is time to get in touch with pressure washing professionals. Rest assured that these people would have your house spruced up in no time at all.

When Should You Power Wash Your Home?

This is dependent on the climate conditions in the area. For example, damp climates that are prone to high humidity and plentiful rainfall tend to require cleaning more often. It also depends upon specific parts of the house. For example:


The roof of your house is the part most susceptible to the climate, which is why it will require more attention. You might consider having it pressure washed at least a couple of times per year for humid climates. If that is not the case, once a year should be enough.

House Siding

Washing the siding once a year is usually all that is required. But it might not be sufficient in case you live close by a dirt road and there is always plenty of dust in the air. Keeping the siding of your house clean can help it last a long time. Especially since pressure washing can help eliminate many algae that decrease the lifespan of natural siding materials.


Much the same principle applies to the driveway as well. Professional pressure washing can get the job done well enough for a year at least.

External Projects

You might consider power washing your home when you have a few exterior projects in the pipeline. Paint and other surface finishes and coverings will usually adhere a whole lot better to clean surfaces than dirty ones. This is the part where professional power washing services come into the picture. There is no better and quicker way to clean the exterior of your house and prepare it for any project you may have in mind.

The Ideal Time for Pressure Washing Your House

One of the best times for pressure washing your house would be the end of summer. Preferably on a clear sunny day so that you will be able to see what you are doing. However, you may clean it in late fall as well if you want to clear away the falling leaves and twigs.


There are no hard and fast rules in power washing your house. In fact, just looking at it with a critical eye will be enough to help you ascertain when it needs a good scrub down. If you are still not sure, just rub your hand down the siding.

If there is a lot of dirt present, it is time to call in your friendly neighborhood pressure washing service providers. These experts will have your house looking as good as new in no time at all.