Industrial pressure washing is a totally different ball game from simple house washing. It requires special equipment, training, and chemicals to ensure that tough grime, grease, grit, dirt, and other pollutants are successfully removed from your plant. 

We at Sparkle Wash use patented, cutting-edge pressure-washing equipment to clean even some of the most hard-to-access areas in industrial plants. Apart from that, we can also clean the delicate surfaces that are prone to industrial oil spills. 

Why You Need Professional Industrial Washing Services

Our highly trained industrial pressure-washing technicians can eliminate graffiti from the doors, walls, and windows of your plant—leaving them restored to their original condition. 

Apart from that, we use hot water power washing to cut through the grease and oil stains on the plant floor. The hot water melts even the oldest and toughest oil and grease spots while our bespoke detergents wash away all the stains. Apart from removing slipping hazards, you can count on our industrial washing experts to leave your floor sparkling clean!

We understand that industrial machines are made up of fragile components, and using very high-pressure water settings may cause undue harm. We are also well aware that malfunctioning machines can cause unacceptable production delays. That’s why we always ensure our industrial pressure-washing specialists have the experience and the expertise to take care of your plant and property. We have been in the business since 1965 and have many decades of experience pressure washing, even very large industrial plants. 

You can count on us to safely remove even hard-packed soot and grime to ensure a pleasant work environment. Our state-of-the-art industrial pressure-washing machinery has been expressly designed to clean the inner and outer structures of your plant. 

If there’s one thing our many decades of experience have taught us, it’s that industrial pressure washing is an exact science. In other words, different areas of your plant require different materials and equipment. We will apply very precise pressure settings and use eco-friendly detergents to clean your plant without damaging your valuable machinery. 

We firmly believe in safety being the greatest priority, and that’s why all our pressure-washing experts receive ongoing OSHA training and refresher courses throughout their careers. 

You can always count on our industrial pressure-washing specialists to thoroughly clean your entire plant, and thereby help increase the productivity of your workforce.