What is your precious time worth to you?  Would you rather spend an entire Saturday afternoon pressure washing your house, deck, and driveway or would you rather pay a professional pressure washer to do the job in half the time?  Sure, you can rent a pressure washer from any neighborhood hardware store but the average cost for a medium-duty machine is $71/day. If you rent the machine for the weekend, you are pushing almost $150 to wash your house yourself.

Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a professional pressure washer.

1. Weekend relaxation is more important than you think!

After working a 40+ hour week, using the weekend to decompress is vital for your mental and physical health. Allowing yourself to relax helps ease stress, tension, and can even lower your blood pressure. The effect of relaxation can also give you more energy for when you get to that Monday morning meeting that could have been an email.

2. Place more value on your free time.

When you have time to yourself, use it wisely! Spend your free time doing something you WANT to do.  The average water output for a rentable machine is 2 gallons per minute.  A professional is equipped with machines with a 5 gallon per minute output.  So not only are you not doing it yourself, the professionals will not be at your house all day.

3. The quality of professional work is higher.

Have you ever noticed that when you paint a large room, the last wall looks terrible compared to the first? By the time you get to the last wall, your arms are tired, your back probably hurts and you are just mustering up enough energy to finish the job. The same goes for pressure washing.  The longer you are standing there, squeezing the pressure washing gun the more your desire to be done will grow.  The finished product might be streaky, patchy, or plain old ugly.  Professional pressure washers wash houses on a regular basis, and are used to the work.

4. Your home’s value.

If you are looking to sell your house someday soon, a pristinely clean property could be the difference between getting the asking price and having to concede some allowances. Think about the curb appeal your home would have if the first thing potential homebuyers see is spider webs, dirt, and overall grime.  That is a terrible first impression.

5. It will save you money in the long run.

A regular pressure washing can uncover maintenance or structural issues that could cost a lot more later. Pressure washing can help uncover weak or rotting boards.  It is also important to keep your roof clean.  Moss can form on the roof and over time will degrade the shingles.  You should also pressure wash the concrete in your pool once a year to cut down on how much chemical treatment you are buying for it.

Long story short, yes you can power wash your own property.  For a little more investment in a professional (and your precious time), you can have a beautiful home and never lift a finger.

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