Sparkle Wash has been in the pressure washing business for well over half a century. We have the experience and the expertise to handle just about every industrial power washing task. 

We understand that industrial pressure washing is different from residential washing. It requires the right detergents, training, and equipment to successfully clean all the tough grime, grit, and dirt commonly found in most industrial settings. 

We use our patented, cutting-edge pressure washing equipment to clean the floor and other surfaces and rid them of industrial oil and grease spills. We go out of our way to make sure that the walkways and other surfaces of your industrial plant are free from slipping hazards. 

We also eliminate atmospheric pollution, so your employees would always breathe fresh and clear air. Apart from that, we help clean your heavy machinery until it is free of the grime and dirt deposits around your plant. 

We also have a lot of experience in removing unseemly graffiti. We will quickly clear the walls, doors, and windows of graffiti to ensure it doesn’t affect the morale of your workforce. We have sacrificial sealers available that would make graffiti artists think twice before they deface your property again.   

Sparkle Wash: The Ultimate Solution to All Your Industrial Pressure Washing Needs

We understand that every surface requires different treatment, and we calibrate our equipment and machinery accordingly. We apply very precise pressure and specific detergents to individual areas of your plant. This way, you can rest assured that your property will always remain safe from any damage. 

Our highly skilled employees are trained for the difficult task of methodically cleaning your plant, and they are fully compliant with OSHA’s latest training programs. They consider safety to be their greatest priority, and they follow all workplace safety SOPS. 

We comply with all relevant local, federal, and state regulations and follow eco-friendly methods for wastewater disposal. We understand that your plant is a busy place, and we operate on the premise of ‘minimum possible disruption’ to your day-to-day activities. 

You may rely on Sparkle wash to clean your industrial plant and eliminate dust, grease, oil spills, and grime from your property. 

Ultimately, we aspire to create a safe and healthy workplace conducive to high employee morale. You can always count on Sparkle wash for all of your industrial pressure washing needs.