Maintaining brand equity is of paramount importance for just about any business. Here, a neat and clean workplace plays a vital role. Unfortunately, graffiti can easily destroy your image. All it takes is a few gang slogans spray-painted on your walls and windows to ruin a carefully cultivated image.

Apart from harming your brand, graffiti can also lower the morale of your staff. Since graffiti is often a sign of gang activity, few people would want to come to or, for that matter, work in a place that has been earmarked as gang territory.

Many gangs stake a claim to certain areas, and graffiti is their way to ‘test the waters’ so to speak. If they are allowed to continue to wreak havoc and vandalize your property by smearing it with slogans and vulgar imagery, they will quickly move on to more dangerous activities. From extortion to drug running near your business, they can do anything they like.

Apart from the above, various gangs might also try to ‘wrest the territory’ from their opponents. All of this would lead to higher employee turnover rates, low morale, and fewer walk-in customers.

Even your regular clients would hesitate before coming to your office or any other business place. After all, no one wants to be associated with a business that doesn’t take care of its premises and allows graffiti makers free rein.

Moreover, it’s not just gang-related graffiti alone, but even the neighborhood teens can get in on the act since no one seems to be interested in stopping them.

Hire the Professionals to Remove Graffiti As Soon As Possible!

Spray paint is designed to withstand most sporadic cleaning efforts, which is why your DIY efforts won’t work. The binders inside the spray paint require special paint removal agents to get the job done right.

We at Sparkle Wash know just what needs to be done to eliminate this problem—once and for all. We will use eco-friendly paint removal agents that leave your walls clean, without harming the paint or polish underneath.

We also use sacrificial sealers that will make even the most dedicated graffiti artists think twice before wasting their paint and energies on your walls.

You can always rely on us to take care of all your Commercial Pressure Washing and graffiti removal needs to your complete satisfaction.