Industrial plants are particularly susceptible to atmospheric pollution. These plants and factories are constantly exposed to smog and smoke along with oil and grease stains, not to mention dirt and grime build-up.

Atmospheric pollution is particularly harmful to your plant since it can decrease its service life to a great extent. Airborne pollutants such as moss, algae, and lichen can create a moisture-laden environment even as they damage the external and even internal surfaces of your plant.

Minute dust and other particles are the causative factors for various types of infections of the respiratory tract. Moreover, mildew and other organic contaminants also release their spores into the environment of the plant. Individuals who suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions won’t be able to work properly in such an environment.

Your employees deserve to breathe fresh and clean air all the time. Apart from increasing employee morale, a pollution-free environment will also cut down on sick leaves and even reduce the premiums on your workers’ compensation insurance plans.

Atmospheric pollution can also wreak havoc on the walls and the roof of the structure, even as it decreases natural sunlight. Soot and smog-covered windows are an eyesore, and they also lead to a steep increase in energy bills due to the dim light and lack of heat inside the plant.

Sparkle Wash: The One-Stop Solution to All Your Pollution Removal Needs!

We at Sparkle Wash have specialized equipment and the experience required to clean industrial plants and remove all kinds of pollutants from the working environment.

We understand that such plants and factories have different surfaces and require correspondingly different treatments. That’s why we always calibrate our equipment accordingly. We know just which detergents to use at which pressure settings to eliminate all the pollution inside your plant—once and for all.

Our dedicated and highly trained specialists are well aware of the many different ways of cleaning a plant. They are always fully cognizant of their responsibilities and follow OSHA’s latest training programs. You can rely on our technicians to improve the air quality at your plant and fix the damage from atmospheric pollution to ensure the plant’s long service life.

We take great pride in the professionalism of our people and work according to the highest standards of quality and service. Rest assured, you can always rely on us for all your industrial pressure washing needs.