Ships, like trucks and buses require constant cleaning so that they look and perform their best throughout their service life. In fact, watercraft, especially sea-faring vessels, require near-constant maintenance if they are to retain their utility over the years. 

Water and sea spray contains many different contaminants ranging from mussels and algae to other organic growths and even worms and other organisms. Moreover, salt deposits can corrode the metalwork and cause heavy rusting all over your vessel. 

However, using extremely high pressure washers can scour the paint, polish, chrome, and other external surfaces. We at Sparkle Wash understand the value of your vessel and treat it accordingly. We use a targeted and gentle process with just enough pressure to remove the bio-fouling that can mar the finish of your vessel and decrease its service life. 

  • Why Should You Pressure Wash Your Sea-Faring Vessel?

It is not just dirt, slime, grime, or even algae and fungus that ruins an otherwise perfectly serviceable watercraft. Ships and other vessels have to face many problems not encountered on land. Barnacles, for instance, are known to increase drag and force the ship to consume more than 60 percent more fuel for every trip. However, they can be removed with the help of high-powered pressure washing equipment operated by the real experts in this field. 

Moreover, the combined effect of all those sea organisms adhering to the ship’s hull increases its resistance, and this, in turn, forces the engines to consume even more energy. If left unchecked, they can cause millions of dollars’ worth of extra expenses on fuel alone.  

Apart from that, marine life proliferates at an alarming rate, and when combined with water, it can increase the danger of corrosion. Once the vessel starts rusting, it has to be overhauled, repaired, and painted all over again. 

All that extra time and expenses can be saved by having your vessel regularly pressure washed by our highly experienced professionals.   

You can rely on Sparkle Wash to thoroughly clean your vessel from stern to bow and keel to prow. We will eliminate all the contamination and grime and leave your vessel looking as new as the day she left her berth for the first time. If you are interested in fleet pressure washing, just get in touch with us today!