Industrial areas and machinery needs to be washed and serviced properly so that they can continue to function flawlessly over an extended period. A steady build-up of grease, dirt, and grime can be very harmful to your machines, the surrounding structures, and even your employees. Dirty machines will consume more power and can overheat more easily. You might have to replace expensive machinery frequently that isn’t properly cleaned. Even worse, just a few hours without essential machinery will cost your business money, especially when replacing or repairing one can take days.  You might consider pressure washing your equipment, plant, and machinery regularly for the following reasons:

It Eliminates Atmospheric Pollution

Atmospheric pollution can be very harmful to the health of your workforce. It can also lead to diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tracts, not to mention the damage it can cause to the eyes. Deep cleaning and sterilization of the premises can effectively help clear away the issues usually associated with such pollution.

Oil Spills

Oil spills are a regular part of any manufacturing plant. Apart from looking unseemly, they can also cause injuries as people slip and fall. They are hazards for various mobile machines such as forklifts and trucks, and are awful for the surrounding environment and wildlife. It can be very difficult to properly clean this kind of spillage without employing professional techniques.

Grease Build-ups

This is a big problem with many machines. Grease build-ups in and around heavy machinery can impair its functional ability and create a hazardous work environment. Such build-ups require regular cleaning and maintenance so that the machines keep working at their best year after year and productivity is never compromised.

Removing Graffiti from the Walls of the Plant

Your plants and warehouses need to give a neat and fresh look to boost the morale of your workforce. If you allow graffiti and grime to claim the walls and roof of your plant, you might lose the confidence of your employees or clients. Few people give their very best when working in a slovenly environment.

Only a Highly Trained Professional Outfit Can Get the Job Done

Sparkle Wash has the expertise and the experience to get rid of this problem. We use patented, state-of-the-art and heavy-duty pressure washing equipment to get the job done. Our equipment has been designed to deep clean even large industrial oil spills. We can also clean the most delicate surfaces along with the hard-to-get places in between heavy machinery.

Our highly skilled industrial pressure washing specialists are fully trained as per OSHA’s exacting standards. You can rest assured that we will follow the highest standards of professionalism and safety when we clean your premises.