Trying to ensure your building consistently maintains a welcoming look isn’t easy. Since the external surface is exposed to the environment 24/7, the elements inevitably take their toll. The sun’s UV radiation along with the wind, snow, rain, and a host of other factors will gradually lead to the erosion of your original finish. Add to that dirt and grime, not to mention organic pollution, and you can see why proper cleaning is so important for your building. Here are the top five reasons for getting your property pressure washed.

1.     Improve Curb Appeal

It doesn’t matter if you want to sell or rent out your building, or just simply want to impress your neighbors and visitors. You can rest assured that regular pressure washing by the proven experts in this field will add that ‘wow’ factor to your property.

Apart from that, a neat and clean building will always create that all-important first impression. Finally, it will also add actual value to the structure.

2.     Increase the Service Life of the Property

Mold growth, algae, moss, and mildew can shave off many years from the service life of your property. These pollutants trap moisture and grow roots. If not cleaned immediately, over time they will destroy the shingles and other vital areas in your building.

Apart from that, bird droppings can also cause a lot of damage. They are extremely acidic and can eat through the gutters and other vital areas. Timely pressure washing will help ensure your property is always safe, and you don’t have to spend your hard-earned funds on expensive repairs.

3.     It Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle

Pollen grains, dust, and algae spores are primary causative agents for many respiratory infections. They can also cause allergic reactions in people who suffer from asthma and other diseases. However, a professionally pressure-washed building will eliminate all such organic pollutants—thereby creating a healthier environment for everyone.

Moreover, clean walkways, parking areas, and driveways will also minimize the risk of injuries caused by slipping and falling.

4.     You Won’t Have to Deal with Graffiti All the Time

Graffiti is more than an eyesore. It is often the first telltale sign of a gang presence. Many gangs use graffiti to mark their territory as a precursor to other, more dangerous criminal activities. Regular pressure washing will nip this problem in the bud. The resident graffiti artists won’t be interested in repeatedly defacing a property where all their efforts are washed away.

5.     It Saves Time and Effort

This is not a DIY job at all. If you attempt to clean your building with a few brushes and a garden hose, you will waste a lot of time and effort. The real pressure-washing experts are the only people who can clean organic pollutants and remove all the hard-packed grit and grime.

Sparkle Wash has many decades of experience in building pressure washing. You can count on us to do a great job and keep your building neat and sparkling clean!