Pressure washing your fleet is very important for a variety of reasons. Apart from increasing its service life, a properly maintained fleet can also help enhance your brand equity. Let’s take a quick look at the key advantages of having your fleet pressure washed.

1.     Retain Your Drivers and Other Professionals

Quality human resources are not always easy to attract. Moreover, retaining good drivers can be a difficult proposition at best. A dirty and grimy vehicle would automatically attract slovenly drivers who are not concerned about the appearance of the vehicles they operate. It would lead to a higher turnover rate since good drivers won’t stay long.

On the other hand, if the drivers won’t have to spend their time cleaning the windshields and polishing the chrome, they would be able to concentrate on their actual task. That is, driving your fleet. A properly washed fleet would inculcate a feeling of pride, and they would love to work with your company. Ultimately, an organization that takes care of its fleet would also take care of the drivers.

2.     Create and Retain Brand Loyalty

Your fleet is the most visible part of your brand. Well-washed and maintained vehicles with polished bodies, crystal clear glass fixtures, and gleaming chrome would automatically lead to an awesome image for your brand in the minds of your target audience. Since positioning is all about visibility, your brand would take clear precedence over your competitors. They would be impressed by your attention to detail, and the amazing condition of your fleet with its clearly visible brand logo.

3.     Less Chance of a Potential Breakdown

If the engine bays of the vehicles on your fleet are matted in grease and dirt, your mechanics won’t be able to discern their issues and problems. If that happens, your vehicle might end up breaking down in the middle of the road. Apart from time lost, it would also lead to a negative impact on your brand image. Moreover, you will be forced to have the vehicle towed to the nearest garage or other repair facilities.

4.     It Will Lead to Less Wear and Tear

A neat and clean fleet will always last a lot longer than a dirty one. Hidden scratches can lead to rusting issues, while dirt and road grime can also eat away at the suspension and the body of the vehicle. However, regular fleet washing can eliminate many such problems at the best possible time—before they even occur!

5.     Lowers Operational Expenses

A vehicle sitting in the garage is just sunk cost. If multiple vehicles are off the roads because of repairs, you will end up increasing the workload on the few operational vehicles left. This will increase your operational costs substantially.

Sparkle Wash has the experience and the expertise to thoroughly wash your fleet. We use eco-friendly chemicals while conserving water resources to get the job done. Get in touch with us for a demo wash so we can show you how we can take care of all your fleet pressure washing needs.