If you are interested in selling your property, you should definitely spruce it up before putting it on the market. After all, a house with dirty sidings and a roof covered with organic parasites would hardly command a premium in the market. Not only do ill-maintained houses have low curb value, but their actual value is also lesser than a neat and well-kept property. 

What Is Curb Value?

Broadly defined, curb value is the value of the property in the mind of the observer. If prospective buyers see it for the first time, and it looks so good that they can’t help falling in love with it—then it has high curb value.  

Here higher curb value would automatically increase the real value of your property. In fact, half the process would be completed the moment the would-be purchaser sets eyes on the property! 

Pressure washing is a great way to increase curb value and ensure your house is the best-looking one on the block. 

Takes Care of Major Issues Before They Materialize 

Mold, mildew, algae, and other organic pollutants can create major problems. Apart from breaking your shingles with their roots, they can also lead to rot and seepage. If the house is not pressure washed regularly, they will cover every available surface. It won’t be easy to sell such a property, even at less value than similar properties in the neighborhood. At least not without extensive renovation and repairs. 

However, pressure washing your house would safely eliminate all these organic parasites and give your old home a whole new look. Professional pressure-washing service providers would use a combination of eco-friendly cleaning agents and herbicides to deep clean your house. They will thoroughly clean your deck, siding, roof, driveway, and other areas of your house. 

The herbicides would remove the organic contamination while the cleaning agents would go to work on the grit, grime, dirt, and dust. Once the washing session is over, you will see that your home has been restored to its original glory. 

Pressure washing can also uncover any spots on your paintwork and other finishes, so you can get everything touched up before you put up the ‘for sale’ sign.  

If you are looking for pressure washing in Hudson, OH, as part of your pre-sale maintenance program, call Sparkle Wash Cuyahoga County. Our highly skilled and experienced pressure-washing technicians will prepare your property for a fast and easy sale.