Brick and Stone Restoration

Refresh the Look of Your Historic Home

For decades, historic homes built with stone and brick have been exposed to soot and carbon output from local factories.  While brick gets dirty externally, stones typically absorb the soot and carbon creating a dark outer exterior.  Are you tired of your historic home looking dull, dirty, and worn? Let Sparkle Wash professionals restore your home!

Before washing, Sparkle Wash technicians will visit your home to determine the type of stone/brick and identify what is living on the surface.  Depending on the stone type, cleaning chemicals will be carefully selected to clean the surface without damaging the beautiful stone underneath.  Our technicians will make sure to use lighter pressure on softer masonry while using a heavier pressure on red brick.

Technicians will also check for underlying conditions.  One way to recognize any problems is by looking for efflorescence.  Efflorescence can be found on walls, floors, retaining walls, and other surfaces made of brick, stone, concrete, or stucco. It is often a white, powdery substance when seen on unsealed surfaces.

Sparkle Wash can rid your stones and bricks of the following stains:

  • White Efflorescence
  • Green Vanadium
  • Brown Manganese
  • White Scum
  • Acid Burn
  • Lime Run

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