Now that the kids are back at school do you find yourself looking around your house and thinking “Boy it’s been a long summer, I guess it’s time to clean up after our lovely children? Let’s see, there is extra dirty laundry t I can do, toys left out everywhere and let’s not forget about their messy rooms.” But as you walk with them to the bus stop you realize it’s still really beautiful outside and although you recognize the fact that you need to get work done around the house, who said that housework only meant work inside the house?

With the fall season right around the corner, there are plenty of chores that need to be done outdoors in order to keep your house in tip-top shape. Here are a few fall tasks that not only will help safeguard your home from the upcoming winter elements and improve your homes curb appeal but, will also allow you to spend time outdoors enjoying the amazing weather. And like most jobs around the house, some you can do yourself and others you should consider calling a professional.

  1. Have Your Concrete Power Washed and Sealed

I am sure your children were outside all summer with their bikes, scooters, and other play equipment giving your concrete that “I’m tough I can take it” look. But in reality, all you’re left with are black tire skid marks, color chalk remains, and a giant oil spot compliments of your teenage daughter’s (he is not my boyfriend) boyfriend.

This is one of those projects that you could tackle, but after talking to Michael Klavora, owner of Sparkle Wash Cuyahoga County, I would strongly recommend calling a professional. Here is what Michael shared with me:

“I think we can agree, concrete is expensive and it won’t last forever – but there are specific steps you can take to maximize its lifespan. The key is to eliminate moisture penetration – this factor cause most concrete problems. Over the winter in cold climates, the constant freeze/thaw cycle adds stress to the concrete surface. When moisture penetrates the concrete it makes the surface particularly susceptible to cracking, flaking and spalling. Warmer climates face the increased risk of mold and mildew growth. The solution: clean and seal your concrete surfaces. When done correctly your concrete will be protected from deep stains and will not absorb and retain moisture. It will also resist mold and mildew growth.”

  1. Apply Fall/Winter Fertilizer to Your Lawn

Not only have the kids been playing in the driveway all summer they also have been in your yard running around with cleats, hockey equipment, and who knows what! After a long summer of rough play, I am sure your grass has experienced some level of damage.  Not to worry, late summer and early fall is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn. If you’re not sure what type of fertilizer to use, stop into your local garden center, they will be able to recommend the right fertilizer for your climate.  And if you haven’t gone “green” yet, fertilizer is a great place to start – it’s better for your lawn and it will not cause harm to your family and pets.

  1. Replace Your Summer Flowers With Fall Flowers

It doesn’t matter which climate you live in – a sure sign that the season is changing will is the foliage and flowers begin the process of change.  Some flowers begin to wither, others begin their winter hibernation process and for most of us it’s an indication that it’s time to plant the Mums.

  1. Pressure Wash Your House

Yeah, we get it, the kids kept you busy all summer with outdoor activities, lunch plans, and play dates.  It’s time to continue to complete tasks that are harder to manage when the kids are home every day all day! Have you taken a look at the exterior of your house? I am sure the summer has left your house with unwanted dirt and mold. Fall is the perfect season to get rid of the grim because the temperature outside is just right (not too cold not too hot).  Also, it is less likely to rain and it most likely won’t snow during this time depending on where you live. Our Sparkle Wash professionals will use the right equipment and products to prepare your house for the winter.

Concrete pressure washing, fertilizing your grass, planting fall flowers, and power washing your house sum up four tasks to complete this fall.  I know the kids get home in the afternoon, but that’s okay because you can schedule power washing services at a time and day that works for you.  I hope I was able to help you get started on your fall clean-up checklist.  If you have any pressure washing questions, please contact Sparkle Wash Cuyahoga County.