Unless your background is in the building trades you may not know the term EIFS. Pronounced EEPHUS, the word stands for Exterior Insulation Finishing System, a non-load bearing wall treatment that resembles stucco in appearance. Unfortunately its beautiful, textured look holds dirt and nutrients that serve as fertilizer for molds, mildew and other biological growth. It may also display vertical dark stains caused by corrosion of aluminum flashing, roofing or signage over time. The good news is EIFS can be cleaned if your pressure washing contractor is trained like Sparkle Wash technicians are.

In the United States and Canada it is most noticeable on east and north facing exterior walls or in shaded areas that are subject to moisture or natural contaminants such as lawn fertilizers and pollen. The textured EIFS holds the food and the mildews feed on it.

Over time bio growth can be destructive to the integrity of the exterior, but more importantly for property managers, rental and sales agents, in the short term the stains make the building appear unkempt, dirty and neglected.

EIFS can be safely cleaned by professionally trained technicians using responsible levels of water pressure and balanced cleaning agents. Unskilled power wash operators tend toward use of high pressures or harsh chemicals, either of which can damage the finish coat of the material.  Strong or improper chemicals can react with protective coatings, breaking down manufactured protectants, even discoloring the facade. Results are not only unsightly but expensive to repair. It is important to contract the cleaning of EIFS with a reputable company with a proven track record.

Sparkle Wash operators are fully trained and insured, use environmentally safe cleaning agents and can complete the project without damaging the EIFS or surrounding surfaces. That allows you peace of mind in the knowledge your investment will be maintained gently for years of good looks.

If you would like to learn more about our EIFS pressure washing process, please contact us, we would be happy to assist you.