After a very long winter, it’s hard to believe spring is right around the corner. If you’re like me I can’t wait to get outside and start cleaning up the little reminders winter left behind. And after being cooped up in the house, there is no better time to clean up the exterior of your house and the surrounding areas. The following is a list of 6 ways to spruce up your outdoor living space for the summer.

1. Remove dirt, oil and grease from your driveway – sometimes to do the job right you need to call a professional – this is one of those times. A professional pressure washing contractor will know the right detergent and water pressure needs to remove the tough stains without damaging or pitting your concrete.

Tip: Many pressure washing companies, like Sparkle Wash, offer concrete sealing too. Sealing your concrete will protect your investment from chipping and spalling not to mention the aesthetic benefit.

2. Mow your lawn – according to the experts your lawn should be at least 2” long before cutting it for the first time in the spring. By waiting until the lawn reaches this length you will void exposing it to disease and drought.

3. Fertilize your lawn – just like a good spring mowing is important to your lawn’s appearance, proper fertilization is key to your lawn’s health. During the winter, grass loses a lot of nutrients, so fertilizing in early spring, from February to April, will bolster root health and provide the lawn with the energy needed for the upcoming growing season. In late spring, from May to June, grass growth kicks into high gear, so another dose of fertilizer will keep it nourished.

4. Remove the mold and dirt on your house siding – these pesky particles can easily attach themselves to your homes siding during the course of summer, fall and winter. Spring is a great time to call a professional pressure washing contractor, like your local Sparkle Wash, to clean your siding. Their trained technicians will use the proper detergents and water pressure to safely remove dirt and grime, leaving your home’s siding looking like the day it was installed.

Tip: One of the top causes of mold on your house comes from the mulch you use in your flower beds. Make sure you are using a premium blend of real wood chips. Many inexpensive types of mulch are made from old skids and other treated woods which tend to grow mold when packed, this mold attaches to your siding in the form of little black spots. These black spots can be very difficult to remove.

5. Clean and stain your deck – this is an area that deserves special attention based on the amount of time you spend enjoying your deck in the spring, summer and fall. While you have a professional pressure washer out to give you an estimate on your house and driveway, ask them to take a look at your deck. Although you can try to tackle this on your own, you really risk damaging your deck by using the wrong detergent and water pressure. Using the wrong technique can leave streaks and splinter the wood. Your pressure washing expert is trained to restore your deck to its original beauty.

Tip: Make sure you request a test sample of the stain color you pick out – stain can look very different on a piece of paper verses on your wood deck.

6. Prune and clean up your landscaping – from hedges to trees and the flowers between, much of your plants need trimming before too long in the spring. Trim back fast growing vines so that they have healthy growth, trim broken branches and out of place hedges. Depending on where you live, pruning your bushes and trees may differ – you can check when the best time to prune is here.

Spring is here, and soon summer is coming. Invest the time and money to clean now and you will enjoy your outdoor living space so much more this summer. Call your local contractors early in the season as their schedule will fill up. If you have any questions or would like a free estimate please give us a call.