It’s a Sticky Situation…Really, Who Spits their Gum on the Sidewalk?

With the winter thaw well under way, the remains of foreign objects begin to appear everywhere. We’ve all seen it, hundreds of black, pink and green spots on the sidewalk at the entrance to your favorite restaurant or convenience store.  What’s with that?  Is it really so hard to spit it in the garbage can?  Judging from the concentration on the ground around the can, we have some really bad shots out there.  The custom of ridding yourself of something that has been in your mouth for the last two hours is common here, but so illegal in other places like Singapore that the sale and importation of chewing gum is a punishable offense.

Banning gum will not even be proposed here, nor should it.  But the problem for the business owner grows.  Take a good look as you enter the gas station.  These black dots are unsightly, a health hazard, and a walking hazard.  Quick removal is vital but the cashier has better things to do.  What to do?  Regular removal by an experienced power washing contractor will keep the area gum free as well as brighten and freshen the entire entrance area.  A clean entrance area will inhibit others from spitting out their gum in a cared for area.  Think of it as the difference between the exterior of a tobacco store and the interior, polished floor of a bank.  It is a rare event to spit out the sticky waste onto a clean area than to one where others have already soiled.

It’s hard to estimate the annual cost of gum removal in this country, but it is safe to say that much of the concrete cleaning around commercial and public facilities is to remove the gum.  Small areas can be removed with a scraper and some readily available solvents, but often the areas to be cleaned are much larger than the staff has time for.  Professional power washing companies not only remove the gum, but they will evenly clean the concrete of spilled food, soda, traffic patterns, often during the time of day that will minimize the inconvenience of the customers.  The telltale signs of the amateur pressure washer holder are obvious.  Swirl marks, damaged concrete, inconsistent and patchy cleaning is evidence of the “get it wet and forget” mentality unprofessional, and removing large areas of gum is their challenge.  Professionals use specific tools, cleaning agents and flexible pressures to do the job right, every time.

Whether you are a property manager or owner, don’t ignore the obvious dirt and gum in the high traffic areas around your entrance areas.  Project your professional reputation and remove that unsightly stuff before you notice the traffic disappear.  And please, figure out what is wrong with the aim of those gum spitting goofs!

Let Sparkle Wash help you keep your business entrance, sidewalks and parking lots free of gum, grease and anything else that is stuck on your concrete. Pressure washing is a very economical, quick and effective method to keep your business free of gross things!