Constructing a new building takes loads of planning, financing, scheduling, consulting, cooperation and work. As opening day draws closer there are numerous small jobs that may have been neglected or pushed off to be dealt with later but are now immediate and necessary.  The last items on the punch list will include all the finishing touches that will present the construction effort in the best light. These little details help define the quality of the project in the eyes of the public, as well as in the minds of the building owners and investors.  Everything should be tight, neat, finished and CLEAN. 

Experienced contractors know that professional subcontractors will make the project move along smoothly, on budget and on time.  They don’t rely on unskilled or inexperienced technicians to deliver quality results.  Instead they work with the best organizations available, from the excavator digging the hole to the landscaper to finish the planting and grass cutting.

At first glance a power washing service might not seem like a crucial partner in a construction project, but general contractors know a professional pressure washing company can be an important asset during the building process.  Brick masons must clean their masonry of mortar smears, salt deposits, lime run from mortar joints and other contaminants that can give block, bricks and masonry units a dusty or blotchy look.  A trained pressure washer utilizes highly controlled cleaning agents and processes to leave masonry looking brand new, with clean faces, edges and joints.

New masonry, concrete masonry units, split face block and even poured concrete are porous, susceptible to water penetration and dissolution of mineral salts.  Proper cleaning and sealing of these substrates will ensure good looks and long life.  It is important to have your power washing technicians involved in the building plans and scheduling to avoid last minute panic.  Power washing should be included as an integral part of the construction timeline to avoid last minute conflicts, broken schedules and unnecessary delays.  Final cleanup to remove construction dust and spills, as well as landscape mud and worker footprints from sidewalks and entries is a snap when the power washer is included from the beginning.  Pricing is gentler as well, since the work can be scheduled with plenty of notice beforehand.  That eliminates much of the need to protect sensitive finishes and fixtures.

Contractors count on Sparkle Wash Pressure Washing franchises which are located across the county. Professionals working together can achieve great results without the stress that last minute panic guarantees.

Scheduling on a construction project is critical to the jobs success. Don’t overlook the final steps like pressure washing the building in the initial project.