It’s pretty hard to travel anywhere these days and not see a “Help Wanted” poster up.  Across the nation, labor is in short supply, from the service industry, fast food, convenience stores and retail to the trades and engineering. The transportation industry is especially hit hard due to the limited number of drivers that are willing to be away from home for extended periods of time coupled with the ever increasing demand for the movement of goods and services. Fleet management must recognize and promote ways of keeping good employees and attracting new ones. Good, reliable and clean equipment is a great way to start.

Regular power washing of a vehicle conveys care and quality to not only the customer, but also to the driver. Each driver, an ambassador of the company, will take pride in driving for a company that cares for them and will pass on their pleasure to other, less fortunate operators. Long gone are the days of black soot plastered to the exteriors of the truck, grease and oil dripping from the chassis or fuel stains running down the tanks. With a clean vehicle, the driver can stay clean as well.

Now, the truck; and boy does the world like a clean truck.  Just take a look at the top transportation companies and corporations and see what their commitment to regular fleet washing is. Ever see a dirty NASCAR transport? I was in the fleet washing business and rarely did I wash a dirty one. Some were so fanatical, I was required to wash three full show rigs using only slightly (but clean) cloth baby diapers and clear water. Yikes!  My point is that people see a clean vehicle and having a regular power washing professional service projects care and quality. Whatever the truck is carrying, you know that the utmost care is taken to deliver on time and in new condition when a truck really sparkles.

A regularly cleaned truck is easier to maintain, and safer to drive. Transport Topics, an industry magazine, has estimated that a clean vehicle saves 25% in maintenance and labor costs compared to a rarely washed vehicle. Workman’s Comp claims are reduced by the regular removal of dirt and oils, potential structural issues are caught early and inspection violations are reduced. Don’t forget the re-sale value. Buyers know when a truck has been well maintained and cleaned. It really shows and certain companies have a reputation for that kind of care that brings top dollar and trade in time.

Yep, having a professionally cleaned and pressure washed truck fleet saves money, attracts customers and supports employees. That’s a win, win, win!

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