Window cleaning is an integral part of the job for any good pressure-washing outfit. Dirty and grimy windows not only create a ramshackle appearance but also lower the curb value of the house. Apart from that, a window covered in bird droppings and dirt would block sunlight and make the interior of your home look very gloomy, to say the least. It will also lead to higher heat and power bills since hazy windows block light and heat from entering your house.

This is why window cleaning is an extremely important component of every professional pressure washing job.

Cleaning the Windows of Your Home

As a general rule, professionals don’t recommend using high PSI (pounds per square inch) pressure washing machines to clean your windows. Window glass is not meant to be subjected to high-powered jets of pressurized water, and it can shatter if the pressure is beyond its tolerances. 

Apart from that, such high pressure might break the seals of your windows. If that happens, your windows will lose their structural integrity and allow the elements, such as wind and rain, to intrude into your home. Moreover, excessive pressure also leaves water stains behind. The detergents and herbicides used in regular pressure washing won’t also be much use on your windows since the latter requires a different formulation altogether.

Ideally, soft washing is the best way to clean your windows. This technique uses powerful yet eco-friendly detergents that are allowed to soak onto the surface. Once the cleaning mixture has loosened the dirt, grime, and bird droppings, it is gently washed away with low-powered streams of water—leaving your windows sparkling clean. This way, the seals and the paint or polish on your windows remain intact even as they are fully restored to their original condition.

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