Pressure washing is one of the best ways of increasing the service life of your property. Professional pressure-washing outfits know just how to extract maximum mileage from their washing techniques to restore your property to its original pristine grandeur. Let’s take a quick look at the different areas of your property that would look great after a proper pressure-washing session.

Concrete Structures

Concrete may be tough, but it gets worn out eventually. Since it’s a porous surface, it is only a matter of time before the ingress of dust, dirt, and mud ruins its surface finish. Apart from that, organic contamination such as algae and mold can also start growing in the cavities inside your concrete. Once they sprout their roots, they will start breaking and cracking the whole structure.

Oil and grease stains are particularly hard to remove since they penetrate the surface of your garage floor, driveway, and parking lot. Hot water power washing is the best way to remove these unseemly spots since very hot water blasted from a high-powered pressure washer would dissolve and wash away these stains.

Professional pressure-washing specialists combine hot water with powerful detergents to thoroughly clean your concrete surface and restore it to its former glory. Once they are done, they will seal the surfaces with top-quality sealing agents to protect them from organic pollutants.

Cleaning the Roof and Siding Surfaces 

Pressure washing is the ideal way of increasing the life of your external surfaces such as sidings and the shingles on your roof. Here, the experts will use low-pressure machines to clean the entire building. Too high of a pressure setting can damage the surface and cause more harm than good. It can strip away the protective external layers of your shingles and leave them vulnerable to re-infestation. Usually, skilled professionals use a mixture of potent herbicides and cleaning agents that are mild on the environment, yet powerful enough to ensure your building looks sparkling clean.  

Take Care of Your Worn Out Decks

It doesn’t matter if you have a wood or composite deck. In both cases, you will need skilled deck-washing specialists to deep clean its surface. Running a garden hose won’t do much good since it won’t remove the deeply embedded grit, dirt, and grime. It also won’t remove the lichen, mold, mildew, and algae stains covering its surface. 

However, soft washing the deck with the help of a mild pressure-washing solution filled with detergents and herbicides would have your deck clean in no time. 

Afterward, your pressure-washing experts would lock in its original shine with deck-sealing agents to protect it from the elements. 

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