Your home has to be washed periodically if it is to retain its external beauty along with its curb value. Moreover, a neat, clean, and well-maintained house will also have a very long service life, and won’t require frequent repair work either. 

Here, it is very important to remember that washing your house is not a DIY job as such. This complex task requires the expertise of highly trained professionals. Each and every external surface of your property needs its own washing regimen, and applying the wrong method can have disastrous long-term consequences for your home.  

  • Soft Washing

Soft washing is ideal for washing the roof, deck, and other delicate surfaces. Using excessive pressure on the shingles of your roof, for instance, will lead to water logging issues and trap the moisture inside your roof. 

Instead of getting rid of algae, moss, mildew, and other organic pollutants, all that excess water inside the shingles would become a breeding ground for even worse infestations. Add to that the fact that high water pressure would strip away the protective outer layers on the shingles, and leave them unprotected against the elements. This will effectively make an already bad situation much worse.

However, soft washing techniques can take care of this problem without causing any damage. Professional house cleaning experts will soak the roof with eco-friendly herbicides and detergents. After some time, they will gently wash away this mixture, leaving behind your roof restored to its original pristine glory. They will also treat your windows, deck, and other delicate surfaces the same way. 

  • Pressure Washing

This method is ideal for concrete surfaces such as driveways, parking areas, and garages. The very high water pressure blasts away the grease, mud, and grit, leaving the surface sparkling clean. The water penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete and scours away all the dirt and grime.  

Sparkle Wash Fox Valley has plenty of experience in both soft and pressure washing techniques. Our technicians have the skill and the experience to not only clean your property, but also secure it with high-quality sealers. This way, your home will always be well protected against the elements.  

You should consider getting in touch with Sparkle Wash for all of your house washing Fond du Lac, WI needs.