A clean fleet is not just a great brand ambassador, it’s also an awesome way of retaining your driving crew. Fleet operators love to work for companies that take good care of their vehicles. The same holds true for your target market. Once your customers observe how well you take care of your fleet’s vehicles, they will be sure to trust your products and services all the more. 

Apart from that, a well-maintained fleet will always log plenty of miles on the road. Badly maintained fleets, on the other hand, tend to have more vehicles in the workshop than out there, on the roads. 

Regular fleet maintenance is one of the best ways of keeping operating costs low while ensuring flawless functioning of the entire fleet. Let’s take a quick look at how you can go about maintaining a really neat and clean fleet. 

1.    Maintaining Safety Standards Throughout the Fleet 

A fleet is usually as good as its crew. If your employees are not careful with your vehicles, it can lead to major issues. Always remember that your fleet bears your brand name, and therefore you will be liable for the actions of your crew members while they are working for you.  

Hiring the right people for the job is the ideal way to ensure rigid adherence to all safety standards. However, highly trained and motivated employees would only want to work with a company that takes the trouble to maintain its fleet. A badly maintained fleet with a dirty exterior and grimy cabin will inevitably lead to drivers with a lax attitude towards safety standards. Most people fleet vehicles are driven twice as much as personal cars, considering the pure mileage covered on a day to day basis. Make sure to set aside proper funding for routine inspections and an emergency stash for any unexpected breaks that occur due to the excessive use. Driving a vehicle with known issues is dangerous for both the driver and the others on the road, so fixing problems as soon as they pop up is essential.

2.    Get Your Fleet Pressure Washed

The more time a vehicle spends on the road, the more grit and grime it picks up. From crushed bugs to muddy underbodies, pressure washing can take care of it all. Furthermore, a clean engine bay will enable your workshop technicians to check for any telltale signs of trouble. By contrast, an engine covered in layers of grease and grime might hide problems of the kind that will leave your vehicle stranded on the highway. 

A professional pressure washed vehicle is also a great advertisement for your company. Finally, your employees would love to work in a well-maintained vehicle, and it will lead to lower turnover rates. 

3.   Develop a Maintenance Plan

Routine cleaning is essential for maintaining a clean fleet. Developing a regular cleaning cadence with a professional power washing service that works with your schedule and budget is a great way to stay on top of the chore. Putting together an automated schedule with a service ensures that you never miss a cleaning, as we all know one missed cleaning suddenly becomes two or three misses.

Engaging the services of a top-notch fleet pressure washing outfit is an amazing way to maintain your fleet and ensure it’s always in peak condition. Sparkle Wash Fox Valley offers eco-friendly pressure washing services for all your Fond du Lac, WI pressure washing needs. They will wash and clean the exterior of your fleet and ensure it’s always sparkling clean and fit for road duty.