Properties these days are a substantial investment and require proper cleaning and maintenance. This holds particularly true for Fond du Lac since it receives a lot of rainfall. The large amounts of precipitation ensure that the overall climate is very damp and humid. Unfortunately, these are ideal conditions for all kinds of noxious airborne organic contaminants including algae, lichen, mildew, and moss.  

This high a level of rainfall means that there is almost no chance of preventing such infestations. At least not without taking adequate precautions. The various species of algae and mold here have evolved spores that are particularly hardy and can easily travel many miles before they find just what they like – such as a nice moist spot on your roof that is shaded from the sun. 

Once they grow roots, they will start to spread not only all over your roof and walls, but your neighbors’ homes as well. It is almost impossible to stop such an infestation on your own, especially since regular rainfall will mean it will simply grow back. Moreover, algae and other organic pests have symbiotic relationships, and they tend to grow and spread together. 

In other words, what may start with simple black algae can quickly morph into mold, mildew, and lichen infestations. The Fond Du Lac weather will help them spread very quickly. 

Pressure Washing Services Can Take Care of This Problem 

Pressure washing specialists are the only ones who can tackle this problem and restore your home to its original condition. However, not every pressure washing specialist is the same. Amateur operators use high-pressure settings on your roof and walls to blast away the mold, dirt, and grime. It will get the job done for the time being – but it will also scour away the protective layer on your shingles. In a nutshell, your roof will eventually become waterlogged, and the organic pollutants will return with a vengeance! 

On the other hand, the real experts like Sparkle Wash Fox Valley know what to do to create a perfect pressure washing experience. We use a mixture of potent herbicides and detergents that are highly effective and environmentally friendly too. At the same time, we will also use soft washing techniques that will remove the dirt and grime without damaging your shingles. 

Finally, the herbicides we use will ensure that the organic contamination does not return anytime soon. Rest assured that you can always rely on Sparkle Wash for all of your Fond du lac WI pressure washing requirements