Pressure washing is a very reliable method for cleaning and maintaining your property. This holds true for places with high levels of humidity and allergens, such as Fond du Lac and the greater Fox Valley region. If you want to keep your house neat, clean, and free from algae and other airborne contaminants, you will need to get it pressure washed regularly. 

Unfortunately, many people think that pressure washing is a DIY, or “do it yourself” task. That is definitely not the case at all. Washing a house is a very exacting job that requires a lot of experience and expertise. In fact, amateur pressure washing can sometimes be even more damaging than natural deterioration. 

Why Should You Hire a Professional Outfit to Wash Your House?

Apart from the damage you can cause, there is also a very real danger to your own safety. Very high water pressure settings can peel the skin from your body. Moreover, climbing the roof without the proper equipment, harness and training might inadvertently lead to a bad fall. 

Furthermore, you can also cause irreparable harm to your property. If you use very high-pressure settings on the wrong surfaces, you might even remove the paint from the walls, break windows, and destroy the protective cover of your roof shingles. On the other hand, very low pressure settings in certain situations might not get the job done, and the grime and dirt won’t be removed. Moreover, since algae and moss require a moist environment to spread, they will actually thrive after your house has been washed at very low pressure settings without proper sealant.

Finally, there are the detergents to consider too. You will need the ideal ones specifically recommended for your surface finish. Add to that the herbicides necessary to prevent the regrowth of organic contaminants. Professional pressure washing technicians know which chemicals to use that will be effective without damaging your surfaces or the environment.

Sparkle Wash Fox Valley has not just the experience but also the expertise to wash your house very thoroughly. We will do it so well; it will look as good as the day it was built! Our highly skilled technicians know just the right pressure settings along with the ideal detergent and herbicide combinations to deep clean your house safely and effectively.  

If you are interested in house washing in Fond Du Lac, WI, you can always rely on Sparkle Wash to restore your home to its original pristine condition.