School’s Out For Summer!

When Alice Cooper released “Schools Out” in 1972 it immediately became the last day of school anthem for kids across the U.S. and still remains one those quintessential songs of summer.  And although the kids have summer on their minds, their parents are busy planning their child’s graduation party and future. Oh well at least we can try to control the graduation party!

As a parent of three girls, we had the honor to plan three backyard high school graduation parties: Step One is determining the date and Step Two is figuring out how quickly we can get the house and yard in shape for our guests even though we basically had twelve years to plan for this event. Simple right?

Here are 5 hacks that I found helpful to planning a successful backyard graduation party:

  1. First let’s tackle the inside of the house. Hopefully, weather permitting, most of your guests will be outdoors for the majority of the time. If you can’t get your entire house guest ready, focus on the rooms your guests will most-likely be in like the kitchen, family room and bathrooms. Shut the doors to any rooms your guests shouldn’t be in and forget about cleaning those.
  2. Food is an important part of any successful party but you don’t need to stress about it. Serve dishes that can be prepared in advance and don’t require prepping for the day of the party or requires you to constantly be replenishing the serving dishes. Taco tables can be fun for the kids but remember to have something for Aunt Betsy and Grandma’s sensitive stomach too!
  3. Thank goodness long gone are the days when we have to keep changing out the CD in the boom box in order to keep the music going. I highly recommend choosing Pandora or Spotifyto stream a variety of music throughout the party. You can plan your playlist in advance and then walk away for the duration of the party. Done.
  4. Next is the yard; they say timing is everything, so make sure your sprinkler system isn’t timed to go off the day of the party or worse yet during the party! Also cut your lawn the day before the party so there isn’t loose grass tracking into your house all day.
  5. The last step may not be on your radar but it’s important never the less. Have your house professionally pressure washed the week of the party! This step will allow your home to look bright and comfortable to people who are approaching your home for the first time in what may be years. Removing the grime, dirt and mildew will revitalize the curb appeal of your home, and make it more inviting to sit outside on what will be a beautiful party day and then, as a bonus, you’ll be able to enjoy your clean home the rest of the year too.

Add to those benefits the fact that pressure washing is a safe and green treatment for your home. You’ll have no concerns about any cleaning chemical elements seeping into your yard or garden. Anyone bringing a small child or pet to the graduation party won’t have to worry about that, either.

Of course there is plenty more to do then these 5 Graduation Party Hacks I outlined today, but it’s a good start! If you would like more party ideas try And if you would like more information on pressure washing your house, concrete, deck and roof please contact us at Sparkle Wash.