Temperatures in the Woodlands have traditionally hovered around the 70s to 80s in the summer months. However, global warming has been pushing the thermometer gauge ever higher.  

Similarly, winter temperatures come down to the 40s, and you might need to switch on your heaters to stay warm.

If you see a spike in your energy bills, a dirty roof might be the culprit. Roofs covered in grit and grime make poor insulators against both cold and heat. A bacteria strain called Gloeocapsa magma can start growing on your roof, where it will consume the limestone present in your shingles. 

Save Your Limestone Shingles!

Limestone helps deflect heat and the UV rays of the sun. Once it’s gone, your roof will start soaking up the heat and forcing it into your home. This, in turn, will make your HVAC system work harder to maintain the desired temperature inside your house or any other property. The more time it takes to reach and maintain a moderate temperature, the higher your energy bills. 

The multiple layers of accumulated dirt and tightly packed dust will substantially reduce the effectiveness of your insulation. Moreover, organic parasites are a direct threat to your roof itself. Once a mildew or mold infestation starts, it cannot be stopped unless you engage the services of a highly experienced roof-washing service provider. These people know how to remove those unseemly growths from your roof. 

Having your roof cleaned can also help ensure your limestone remains intact. Roof-washing experts will use powerful detergents to scour your roof without damaging it. They will eliminate the bacteria along with the grit and grime on your roof—leaving it restored to its original glory!

Maintain the Insulation

Apart from natural limestone, other insulators keep the heat in and the cold out in the bitterly cold winter months in the Woodlands (and vice versa in the late spring and summer seasons). Insulation plays a critical role in enhancing the energy efficiency of your home. While newly built homes may have excellent insulation, yours will likely deteriorate over time. The sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation, coupled with constant exposure to the elements, will erode the efficacy of your insulation material. 

Moreover, algae and mold can also cover the insulation on your roof and decrease its efficiency. Bird droppings, in particular, are acidic and can eat through the upper protective layers of your shingles. 

Sparkle Wash The Woodlands’ team of experienced pressure-washing technicians will handle all your roof cleaning needs in the Woodlands. Our roof-washing experts will check the condition of the roof and act accordingly. 

If organic pollution is a problem, they will use a mixture of potent yet eco-friendly herbicides mixed with detergents to thoroughly wash your roof. They will also use top-quality sealers to protect your roof from further damage. Just get in touch with us, and we will soon have your home running at maximum energy efficiency!