Your deck is constantly exposed to the harsh external elements. This holds particularly true in winter when your deck has to withstand the bitter cold, ice, and snow. As temperatures drop below zero, the water will freeze inside all the nooks and crannies in your deck. Apart from that, both wood and composite decks are prone to expansion and contraction due to temperature extremes. 

Come springtime, the ice and snow will thaw and start melting, leading to waterlogging issues. All that water trapped inside will attract organic parasites that thrive in such moist places. Before you know it, your deck would become an unwilling host to algae stains, not to mention moss, fungal growths, mildew, mold, and lichen. 

Organic pollution is also a breeding ground for insects and the birds that feed on them. Bird droppings in particular are highly acidic, and if left unwashed, they can easily destroy the polish and other protective layers on your deck. 

All of this can be avoided if you hire the services of an expert deck-washing outfit as part of your spring cleaning regimen. Here are the main reasons why you should only entrust your deck to the seasoned experts in this field.

  1. Great Results 

Sure, you can wash the deck on your own. However, running a garden hose over your deck won’t do much good. On the contrary, it can make a bad situation worse since more moisture will seep inside, leading to an explosion of parasitic growths. 

Instead of wasting all that time, energy, and effort, it would be a much better idea to hire the services of a top-notch professional deck-cleaning outfit. These people are well versed in the problems your deck has to face and know how they can restore it to its original condition. 

  1. They Have the Right Equipment 

Using an overly powerful pressure washer can ruin your deck since it might strip away its upper protective layers. Once that happens, it will not only lose its shine and beauty but will eventually be overridden by organic contamination. However, the real pros would have the right equipment to do the job without damaging your deck. 

  1. Personal Safety 

Pressure-washing equipment can be dangerous and should not be used by amateurs. The same goes for cleaning agents and potent herbicides. A powerful pressure washer can injure its operator and even people close by. Similarly, the chemicals used may be toxic to both people and pets. Professional deck-cleaning specialists are trained and experienced in doing this job and can handle everything. 

  1. They Will Seal Your Deck 

Cleaning is only part of the solution. The harsh UV radiation of the sun’s rays would cause your deck to fade over time. However, the experts use high-quality sealers to permanently lock in your deck’s lustrous sheen.

  1. Help Prevent Re-infestation

They will use bespoke chemicals to not just eliminate the organic pollution but prevent its recurrence as well. 

Sparkle Wash the Woodlands has plenty of experience washing and cleaning decks after winter. You can rely on us for all your deck cleaning the Woodlands needs