Power washing and pressure washing are two separate but interrelated washing techniques. Both of these methods are used for specific areas and tasks.

Pressure washing is ideal for the siding and the walls of your commercial property. Light pressure washing can also be used to clean the roof and remove all kinds of organic and inorganic pollution. It can safely get rid of dirt, grit, grime, and mud from your roof and other areas. At the same time, herbicides added to the washing mixture can make short work of algae, moss, lichen, mildew, and other organic pollutants.

These parasites can grow roots deep into your roof and rupture the shingles and other roofing materials. They can also deface the external finish all over the structure. However, using a cleaning solution mixed with herbicides can get the job done. This mixture is allowed to soak deep into your roof until it has loosened all the grit and grime. It is subsequently washed away with low-powered pressure-washing machines using 500 PSI or less.

Always Ensure Your Commercial Property Is Washed By Professionals

Skilled professionals know the different kinds of pollutants found on properties all over the Woodlands. They will use eco-friendly chemicals tailor-made to clean your property and impress your clients and other visitors. 

The herbicides present in the washing mixture eliminate black algae, moss, and fungus, leaving your roof and walls restored in all their original glory. Top professionals would know just which environmentally friendly chemicals to use and at which pressure settings to ensure the maximum longevity of your property.

Power washing is almost the same as pressure washing, with the main difference being the temperature of the water. Power washing uses very hot water to cut through oil and grease stains, which makes it the ideal technique for cleaning tough surfaces such as concrete.

Driveways, parking lots, and garage floors can be effectively cleaned with the power-washing method. The hot water will melt and dissolve the oil and grease, while the high pressure would wash it all away.

Sparkle Wash the Woodlands has bespoke equipment designed to clean the different areas on your commercial property. Our commercial property washing technicians are highly trained and have plenty of hands-on experience with both these techniques. You can safely rely on us for all your commercial power washing the Woodlands needs. Always remember—we are just a call away!