The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc all over the world. It also forced everyone to concentrate on the seminal importance of cleanliness and hygiene. This holds particularly true for commercial stores due to their large footprint and popularity. Since almost everyone visits a store sooner or later, you should keep the place clean and free from germs and other harmful microorganisms. Here are a few tips to help keep your superstore neat and perfectly safe for your customers. 

1.    Get Your Trollies and Shopping Carts Cleaned and Serviced

A squeaky shopping cart may be an inconvenience, but one swarming with bacteria is an outright health hazard. Though few people realize it, trollies can have food droppings inside while the handles are covered with the residue of everything on the users’ hands. 

Here, a professional power washing outfit will wipe out all of these dangerous toxins. They will ensure your shopping carts and trollies are perfectly safe for your customers as well as employees. These specialists will use a combination of detergents and hot pressurized water to eliminate germs and other harmful contaminants. 

2.    Clean All the Inaccessible Areas

Exhaust vents, dirty alleys, and the areas under garbage cans often get overlooked by staff members who don’t know how to clean such places properly. Moreover, it’s also dangerous to send inexperienced and untrained people to clean these spaces. 

However, a highly experienced and well-trained commercial power-washing outfit will have the equipment and the personnel to do a great job. They will not only methodically clean the most hard-to-reach places but also eliminate the vermin that infest such areas. They will use anti-herbicide and antibacterial detergents to ensure your commercial store always remains perfectly safe all year around. 

3.    Get Rid of Graffiti

Graffiti is one of the most obnoxious things you can find on your store front (or back). Not only does it harm your brand-building efforts, but it’s also a sign of gang activity. If you don’t stop graffiti artists in their tracks, you will lose both customers and employees alike. Moreover, it’s only a matter of time before they boldly enter your store as well.  

However, you can always hire a power washing company to not only remove graffiti but also treat the walls and doorways with a sacrificial sealer to prevent its recurrence. Once the resident graffiti artists realize their efforts will be wasted, they will move on, and your property will remain safe from their attentions.

4.    Touch Up Your Paint Job

Here too,  you will need to get your property washed before you can apply paint. A quick pressure wash will clean the grit, and grime, along with algae and mildew. It will also wash away all the paint flecks that are peeling off. Once the washing is complete, you can sand down the affected areas and touch up the paint. 

Sparkle Wash The Woodlands has teams of highly skilled and experienced commercial power washing technicians who will ensure your store is always sparkling clean. Get in touch with us for all your commercial power washing needs in The Woodlands.