Decks are almost always open to the harsh outdoor environment. This is why they have to withstand the worst of even really brutal winters. The shingles on your roof might have a protective covering to ensure they don’t get infested with algae and other organic contamination. However, most decks are not equipped with such protective coatings. Hence, they are prey to different kinds of inorganic and organic contamination. Mold, mildew, and algae, in particular thrive in both composite and wood decks. If left unchecked, they can permanently damage your deck.  

This holds particularly true for winter since frost and snow get inside the slats and penetrate all the way into the foundations. Once its spring, the ice melts away but the moisture remains inside the deck. This means that your deck becomes the breeding ground for all kinds of infestations that can spread very rapidly. In time, it will start to rot away. Before you know it, your precious deck will lose its color and shine. The only alternative is either a full replacement or almost equally expensive repairs. 

Professional Power Washing Can Handle the Issue 

You can save your deck and increase its service life by having it power washed regularly. Here, it is crucial to remember that this is not a DIY job. If you use too much pressure, you can strip away the varnish and the lacquer and leave your deck exposed to the elements, not to mention leave behind unsightly streaks. Conversely, not using enough pressure will only make things worse, as it will become even more waterlogged. 

However, professional technicians would always know just which pressure settings and herbicides to use to restore your deck to its original pristine condition. They will use a combination of power washing and soft washing techniques to ensure that there are no watermarks left on your deck. 

Once they have methodically power washed your deck they will use high-quality sealing agents to make sure that the algae and mold are ‘locked out’ and its shine has been ‘locked in’ permanently. Once the deck is dry, they will return to seal it and protect it from all external elements.  

Sparkle Wash are the real experts at deck cleaning in The Woodlands. We will clean your deck gently yet thoroughly. We will also seal it so that it always looks as good as new and enhances the curb value of your home.