Many people approach pressure washing in much the same way they would clean with a mop and broom or a simple garden hose. However, pressure washing is not a ‘do-it-yourself’ job at all. In fact, it requires a lot of training and hands-on expertise before you can learn to pressure wash a property safely and effectively. 

Too high a pressure is not only harmful to the object being washed but it can be outrightly dangerous to the operator as well. Very high-pressure settings can easily peel away human skin. If your pressure washer is too powerful it can actually break the windows and certain exteriors of the building you want to wash. 

Though people might not realize it, the fact remains that the powerful jet of water from a pressure washer can even cut through heavy work boots and gloves. Apart from that, a pressure washer is not that easy to control either. 

However, it is not just the pressure alone that can create a working hazard. Power washers often use scalding hot water as well as powerful abrasives. If you slip and lose control, you may not only injure yourself, but anyone else standing close to you.   

The Risk of Electric Shock 

A pressure washer works because of water and electricity. Both of them together can create a very dangerous situation. If the water gets into the power cables, it might lead to a severe electric shock for the operator. A professional washer ensures that the wires and the hose are always kept well away from each other and only works with a grounded power source while wearing rubber gloves and anti-shock boots. 

Surface Damage

You can use a pressure washer to get rid of mildew, algae, and other air-borne pollutants. However, too low a pressure setting won’t do much since they will simply grow back. Alternately, very high pressure can simply strip away the protective antifungal covering of the shingles on the roof. 

This means that not only will your shingles lose their beauty but also allow the ingress of water. Since algae love damp, moist places, they will grow back with a vengeance. Ultimately, you will have to buy new tiles. The same goes for the walls of a commercial building. Very high-pressure settings can strip the paint off the walls and you might have to get them repainted all over again.

Enter the Professionals

A professional pressure washing outfit that specializes in commercial buildings will be able to do the job properly, safely, and thoroughly. 

Sparkle Wash has well-trained technicians who have the training, safety equipment, and machinery required to deep clean even large buildings. If you are looking for commercial pressure washing in Reading, PA, just get in touch with Sparkle Wash. We will take care of all your pressure washing needs, leaving your building as neat and clean as the day it was built!