Your fleet is one of the best ways of advertising your company. A dirty and grimy fleet would reflect very poorly on your brand. Conversely, vehicles that are all shiny chrome and gleaming paint would not only inspire confidence in your target audience but attract good drivers as well. 

Drivers with strong safety records take pride in the vehicles they operate. That’s why they prefer to work for a clean fleet over an ill-maintained one. 

  • Pressure Washing: One of the Best Ways of Taking Care of Your Drivers!

Fleet pressure washing can help increase driver safety in many ways:

  • Removes Buildup 

A dirty fleet would be covered in potentially hazardous build-up in the engine bay and under the body of the vehicle. It would be difficult to check and see if anything is wrong if your workshop mechanics have to peel back layers of dirt and grime from the engine and other components. This means there would be an increased risk of the vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road. 

Here, fleet-washing professionals would clean the lower body, engine compartment, and other critical areas as thoroughly as possible. Your workshop mechanics would take one look and figure out if anything is wrong. 

  • Ensures Greater Visibility 

Apart from that, pressure washing can also help improve driver safety by ensuring the mirrors, windows, and windshield are scrupulously clean. All glass fixtures should be free from dirt, dust, crushed bugs, and bird droppings to ensure better visibility for the driver. 

  • Removes Slippery Oil and Grease Stains 

Professional fleet-washing experts would also deep clean all the slippery surfaces that might become potent hazards because of oil and other fluids. Such fluids near the brake and accelerator pedals can severely compromise the safety of the vehicle and its occupants. 

  • Reduces Fire Hazards 

Regular cleaning and pressure washing can also help reduce the risk of fire. Excessive dirt, dust, and other debris can gradually build up over and even under the vehicle and cause a spark.

  • Keeps Brakes Clean

Dirt, dust, and grime can penetrate deep into the brakes and prevent their operation. However, regular cleaning with high-powered pressure-washing equipment can ensure this issue never crops up. 

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