The average cost of pressure washing your home or any other property can range from $200 to $400. You should also be aware that just about all house-washing outfits charge a minimum service fee.

However, this is a rough estimate since there are plenty of factors that determine the cost of pressure washing your property. Some of them include the following:

1.     The Size and Condition of the Property

The size of your property will determine how much you will have to pay the service providers. The larger the property, the higher the charges. That’s because large-sized homes and buildings need considerably more time, labor, and energy to wash properly. Similarly, they will also require additional materials and effort for sealing services for your roof, deck, porch, and other areas.

The overall condition of your home is also a determining factor. If it has not been washed before, the odds are that it would be covered in grit and grime, not to mention organic pollutants such as algae, lichen, moss, bird droppings, and mildew. Getting rid of all the years of accumulated pollution would be more expensive than cleaning a house that is regularly pressure washed.

2.     Number of Decks and Windows

These have a direct impact on the overall pressure washing costs. If your home has plenty of decks and windows, along with a large porch area, it will take a lot longer to clean thoroughly. The costs will also be correspondingly higher since soft washing and manually cleaning these sensitive areas will require more time and effort. Using high-powered pressure washing machines can easily break the windows and scour the decks leading to water-logging issues.

3.     The Type of Surfaces That Need to Be Cleaned

Different surfaces typically command different costs. Vinyl or aluminum sidings, for instance, are a lot easier to clean than more porous surfaces such as bricks or concrete. If the job can be completed quickly and doesn’t require a lot of expertise, it will be less expensive.

On the other hand, concrete driveways and pavements require very hot water sprayed at very high-pressure settings. These surfaces require more skilled and experienced personnel with special equipment. Such services generally command a premium.

4.     Insurance Coverage

In the event of any unfortunate mishap, you won’t want to be held responsible. That’s why the top pressure-washing service providers always insure their technicians so you will be safe from liability. However, such coverage is expensive, and they will charge for their services accordingly.

5.     Equipment Used

The more sophisticated the equipment, the higher the cost of service. Many hard-to-reach places are usually overlooked by average pressure-washing and house-cleaning outfits. However, a service provider with specialized machines would be able to reach all such areas to ensure they are always sparkling clean.

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